Monday, October 19, 2009

The Watson Twins: "Only You"

The Watson Twins made a name touring and recording with indie sweetheart Jenny Lewis. The partnership was helpful to both sides and the ladies made some great music together. But, the Watson Twins inevitably evolved into a headline act in their own right. With a deal from Vanguard Records, Chandra and Leigh Watson have logged thousands of road miles in support of their EP Southern Manners (2006) and their full length effort Fire Songs (2008). Earlier this spring, the ladies stopped into Memphis to tape a performance for Sun Studio Sessions. Here is the first release from the taping, "Only You."

Sun Studio Sessions will begin airing as a regular half hour series distributed to PBS stations nationwide beginning January 2010. The Watson Twins will be featured with their own half hour show during Season One. Meanwhile the ladies will get back on the road this fall, tour dates are available on their MySpace page.

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Tomate Farcie said...

Excellent song and band. I saw a little preview on PBS the other day and minutes later, I was online looking for information and trying to see if there is an iTune download.

Love the piece, thank you!

Zaff said...

really good !

j'aime !