Monday, June 1, 2009

Jay Nash w/ Garrison Starr: "Hard Lesson to Learn"

Jay Nash is on a roll. He's been touring from coast to coast here in the States and managed to find time to head over to Copenhagen to record for his new EP, all the stars in Copenhagen that hits iTunes and other outlets on June 16th.

In Copenhagen, Jay's drummer Frederik Bokkenheuser assembled a band of his old friends - Søren Andersen, Jesper Edvarson and Lars Andresen. Together with Frederik, Nash and the Danish musicians spent two days in Copenhagen's legendary Medley Studio rehearsing and and recording the four new tracks.

The next stop on the tour for Nash was Berlin, where he met up with an old friend, singer/songwriter/producer, Erik Penny. Penny had just moved into his new studio space and Nash had the Copenhagen masters with him, so the two decided to take advantage of the situation and lay down some additional tracks. Penny added the ghostly synth sounds that help to define the spooky intimacy on "everything." Jay also borrowed Erik's 1960 Gibson ES-330 to add a little something extra to the the track "Rainiest September."

Once he was back home in LA, Jay got together with Grammy award winning engineer, Seth Atkins Horan to put the finishing touches on and mix the songs. The end result is a short collection of songs that sound like they were recorded in one continuous lock out session, though they traveled half way around the world in order to be fully realized. The bonus track "Baby Tornado" was recorded right here at Sun! Be sure to check it out.

Meanwhile, check out Jay, accompanied by the talented Garrison Starr, perform "Hard Lesson To Learn" live from here at Sun Studio:

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You can find all of Jay's upcoming tour dates over on his MySpace page.

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