Monday, May 11, 2009

The Walkmen "Canadian Girl"

The Walkmen perform "Canadian Girl" live in Sun Studio. This was a fun band to record who are big fans of the great Roy Orbison who of course started his amazing career in this very room. The Walkmen are currently on tour with the Kings of Leon and you can get all their tour dates on their MySpace page.

Check out the backing horns. These guys literally responded to a classified ad and walked in off the street just about 30 minutes before showtime. Of course, this being Memphis you never know who is going to show up for something like this. We were all blown away when the legendary Ben Cauley of the Bar-Kays walked through the door!

Ben was a founding member of the Bar-Kays (Stax house band) and was the only survivor of the plane crash claimed the life of soul icon Otis Redding and four of Ben's Bar-Kays bandmates. Over 60 years old and he can still blow! Check him out:

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