Monday, May 18, 2009

Trey Lockerbie: "Sullivan Street"

Trey Lockerbie is a terrific young songwriter based in Nashville that stopped by Sun Studio to perform some tracks for us, including "Sullivan Street" which appears on his new "Hummingbird EP." Writing about the EP and the track, John Tumminello says:

The Hummingbird EP" journey ends with the stark piano of "Sullivan Street," a moving ode to the album cover of "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan." Picture a romantic scene from an old movie that takes place on a rainy night in Washington Square Park. A guy comes across a beautiful girl sitting alone on a park bench "like she needed the water to wash her away." He offers his umbrella, and they walk arm in arm "like two lovers on a Bob Dylan cover, soaked to the bone leaning into each other, and the warmth of her smile was unfamiliar to me, just like the sidewalks on Sullivan Street." This is the stuff screenplays are made of. During their short journey together, the singer falls in love with the beautiful stranger, who seemingly only needed someone to walk her home. He then ends up "alone in the park, in the rain, like I'm needing the water to wash her away." On "Sullivan Street," Trey's music, lyrics and vocal delivery paint us yet another perfect bittersweet scene of hope and heartache, love and loss.

Check out the video and see if you agree!

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You can join Trey and his band tonight in Nashville at 3rd & Lindsley for the "Hummingbird EP" release party and get all his tour dates on his MySpace page.

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Anonymous said...

Trey Lockerbie is the most talented songwriter and musician I have ever heard. I love his music and I love his voice so much! thank you for having him on the show.